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Working From Home

My new normal of working from home has been challenging. I have clients that need attention, I have a toddler that needs my attention and small business that needs attention as well.

In the second week of working from home, I knew I needed to create a new routine to help me and help my baby girl through this time.  With some lesson learns, we have found a routine in week 5. 

I have designated a few hours in a day to home school my toddler, we focus on ABC's, numbers, shapes, colors, and reading through games.  After this, it is back to work. I make my calls, respond to my emails, and conduct testing on a new system that we are implementing in a month to our network of physicians.  My mom helps by coming over to watch my daughter so I can focus solely on work.  Then, I can create some downtime just for me.  Honestly, this downtime is for The Lena Rose Box, this allows me to work on a few tasks. 

I can say working in the office and working from home, I'm equally busy.  A perk is that I can wear sweats and my custom shirts every day. 

Here are additional tips that have been helping me work from home:

  • Stick to a routine
  • Be upfront with your boss
  • Communicate with Coworkers
  • Plan breaks with baby
  • plan downtime without them

Are you working from home? If so, what is your routine?

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